L-L-Layer It Up (My Fall-Faves)

L-L-Layer It Up (My Fall-Faves)

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DSC_0226It’s to no surprise Fall is here, a tad bit earlier than usual, but it’s here. Though the date may not stand accurate for the chilly winds, Fall officially lies in our laps, and the temperature dropping into the 50’s at night only supports the idea that, well, our Summer wardrobes can take their dusty places in basement storage, and it’s time to whip out, or in my case, shop for new fall must-haves.

I’ll try and keep this short and simple, because the items I am really into this season are key staple pieces that speak for themselves: chunky knit sweaters, brimmed hats, and vests. I do my best to save “layering style” for Winter, but let’s face it, the best weather to test your true inner fashion sense is when you have more articles to layer – so I may have whipped them out earlier this year.

Chunky Knit Sweaters: Here, you’ll see me wearing two sweaters, one by Ralph Lauren, and another by Barbour (shopped at Renee’s Mattituck). Sweaters are so effortless, and if you’ve never donned into the “sweater realm,” I suggest you do before Summer quickly returns. For Summer, we constantly, whether you’re a girl or boy, have to worry about accessorizing our looks with different jewelry, etc. because quite frankly, what you’re wearing is minimal to avoid a heat stroke in Malibu when the roof top is down. With sweaters, you can just throw them on alone, add a scarf, and run. Simple… at least I think?

Next, brimmed hats: Mine, seen here is by Top Man. You’ve most likely seen in a post of mine previously, but I love Top Man (for women, Top Shop) and Zara because they are “fashion for the people,” instead of breaking the bank. For some odd reason, I’m really into styling my hair, so when I throw on a hat, it only adds that “wow factor” and accessorizes my entire look.

Last, but surely not least, vests are perfect for girls and boys of all ages in the Fall. Often in Fall, it’s not cold enough for a jacket, but it’s not warm enough for a simple shirt, so pairing a vest (quilted in my case here) can add some warmth, and a layered more fun look than you already had before stepping out.

Fall is UPON US – so join in the fun and tweet me your Fall layered looks (@TannerZagarino)!

Photography: Morgan Gildersleeve
Clothing: Renee’s Mattituck


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