No Direction – Just Fun (in Brooklyn)
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No Direction – Just Fun (in Brooklyn)

No Direction – Just Fun (in Brooklyn)



120As I’m sure you all know, in New York City, you can wear anything and no one will judge you. It doesn’t matter if you wear a t-shirt and shorts or a fishnet onesie—the bottom line is: YOU WILL NOT BE JUDGED. So when I styled this last photo shoot with Joanna Oshea, I really tried to incorporate a lot of things I wouldn’t probably wear on a regular basis, yet also tried to use very suburban everyday things to show that there is a wide variety of outfits you can wear in NYC.

On top of these eccentric outfits, we also chose a variety of different places throughout Brooklyn to shoot; whether we were running the narrow cobblestone streets, or posing inches from the East River and Manhattan Bridge. You’ll notice that we also used some very peculiar poses in this photo shoot, along with some original ones. Whenever I’m on set, I try to be as funny as I can when appropriate- whether I’m yawning or stretching. To me, it makes the photo shoot that much better.

One thing I noticed on this photo shoot was how small this world was. I was walking with Joanna down a very unpopulated road when I heard “Hey, Tanner!” – It happened to be a friend of mine from my hometown! This photo shoot then became even more fun for me when he took Joanna and I to a really cool roof top overlooking Brooklyn’s nighttime lights for a short skating sesh.

Photography: Joanna O’Shea
Clothing: Matiere Collection shirts, APC Jeans, Daniel Wellington watch, BoohooMAN shoes.



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