1 Week – Long Island Break feat. The Hunt
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1 Week – Long Island Break feat. The Hunt

1 Week – Long Island Break feat. The Hunt

I feel like I’ve been around the entire country already this Summer. Alright, that’s exaggeration, but it does feel like my schedule becomes crazier by the week, but hey, I am definitely blessed for it!
For once, I had the opportunity to spend an entire week at home, in Long Island, NY. Not only did I get the chance to hang out with my friends and reconnect with family, I spent some quality alone time to reconnect and take it all in. Don’t ever forget how important it is to look back on everything, and reflect on what has made you the person you are today. It helps draft a future plan, instead of getting caught up in the moment. Watch the video below!
By the way!: If you’ll be at CreaTour Austin, TX tomorrow/Saturday (July 11th/12th) – I will be challenging you to a “Hunt” on the iPhone app “The Hunt!” It’s super cool, and has helped me solve many of my last minute #fashionprobs, and ultimately, is the connection we’ve all been waiting for to marry us to the items we see from day-to-day, but just cannot find online. Download it here: http://bit.ly/1vbblKr

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