Good Ole' Days – American Gypsy Vintage
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Good Ole' Days – American Gypsy Vintage

Good Ole' Days – American Gypsy Vintage


I’m a huge advocate of switching things up – and my theory behind why lies within my massive tendency of getting bored of certain looks. Instead of throw clothes into the back of my closet, I chose to modify my style on a daily basis and recycle perfectly awesome looks from the past. For this post, I incorporated four vintage looks styled by Nicole Alyse of the blog Running In Wedges, and owner of American Gypsy Vintage co-owned by Cabot Bramhall, and report on the latest vintage trends I’ve detected.

Some of you may be anxious about testing out the vintage water, so hopefully this blog calms your nerves and gives you some insight on how older looking styles could the perfect casual wear. Now, don’t get me wrong – you can absolutely twist these vintage looks with a more modern accessory as I’ve done here with my gold RayBan aviators, Daniel Wellington watch, and leather wingtips.
Women: Here are a few vintage trends I’ve noticed are making their way back onto the red carpet and daily wear:

1. Chokers: Yes, chokers are a very simple way of filling in a void on an empty neck.
2. Oversize Tees/Dresses: We always look for that certain shirt that fits us perfectly, to extenuate our body, but this is a great way to not only hide any flaws (I doubt you have any), but look stylish as hell.
3. Military Wear: Head on over to your local thrift store – I can make a bet with you that you’ll find an awesome jacket, coat or shirt, that was once worn by a military veteran. Pair it with your favorite ripped jeans or shorts!

If you love some of my looks here, or have inspiration of your own, be sure to download an app called The Hunt, whom I’ve partnered with to make my looks easily findable!

Photography: Kaitlyn Ferris




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