#TZGivesBack – A Voice With Impact
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#TZGivesBack – A Voice With Impact

#TZGivesBack – A Voice With Impact

2Malcom Bane once said, “If you wait until you can do everything for everybody, instead of something for somebody, you’ll end up not doing [anything] for [anybody].”  In other words, when you have a voice with immense impact, use it – never wait around. I was given the perfect rewarding opportunity to do so.

For me, this translated to hopping on a plane to Tampa, Florida to attend prom with Makayla Muir, hosted by the Cancer Care Center at the Holiday Inn. “My weekend with Tanner was a fun filled weekend I will never forget” said Makayla.

It all started in the beginning of March, where Makayla reached out to my mother briefly explaining her battle with cancer, among other illnesses she fights, and included a note how my positivity and sense of humor inspired her. “One of the Cancer Care Organizations I attend was hosting a prom, and I decided to reach out to Tanner and his team about him attending with me” said Makayla.  Shortly after her request, I excitingly accepted her invitation to attend prom with her, and we hit it off with communication from there.  Makayla is such a great person and is so strong – she lives life one day at a time and is always happy.

On Friday, June 13th, I, my mother, Liz Giordano, my manager, Kyle Santillo, and assistant Beth Pawlowski, woke up at 4:00am to arrive at LaGuardia airport for our 7:00 am flight.  With smiles on our faces, mixed emotions swirling around the air, we landed in Tampa, where we picked up our Chevrolet Convertible Camaro to take Makayla for a night on the town – TZ style of course!

That night, Makayla and I got dressed to the nines to make our limo [on time] to prom. When we arrived, we were interviewed by Bay 9 News. “Tanner is so different than most “internet famous” people I have come to know. He’s positive, down to earth, and has such a huge heart; along with the rest of his team” said Makayla to the reporter.

We had an amazing night dancing and talking about life; it felt as if we knew each other forever.

The next morning, we headed to Disney World (Orlando) to visit the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios. Despite the rain, we did not let this dampen our day!

After this weekend, my heart is full, and it’s rewarding and my pleasure to know that Makayla’s is too. “The whole weekend, you couldn’t catch me without a smile on my face.  Amazing memories were made and our laughter was contagious. They are so supportive of me and so much fun to be around. I am forever grateful to call them my friends for giving me an experience I will never forget!” said Makayla.

I would like to extend a very special thanks to Renee’s Mattituck and Jim’s Formal Wear (tuxedo worn at prom), Diana Perkovic, Marriot Westshore, Jet Blue, Disney, and Children’s Cancer Center of Tampa for making this an amazing experience for us all!

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