Winter White to Spring Lights

Winter White to Spring Lights

White Out
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Honestly, the “winter white” thing for me was never a terribly hard sell. For some, the color white in the area of apparel has been drilled into their head as a Summer color. For May, the nice part is, Memorial Day is just a few weeks away – which ultimately means that your whites you and I like to wear in the winter, happily become acceptable into the Spring lights, and white becomes a total go.

Here are some of my do’s and don’ts while you assess your outfits this season:

  • Do: Rock a white blazer, it’s crisp.
  • Do: Why not roll out a white leather biker jacket, add the edge you’ve never had, and if you have had it, you’re only edgier, right?
  • Don’t: Well, I just happen to love the trend of white so much, this section doesn’t apply. Is that allowed?
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Do you love Spring/Summer whites? I’d love to see how you style out your white. Shoot my team an e-mail for a chance to be featured on the blog:


Blazer, Kenneth Cole, $189.00,
Leather Biker Jacket, Zara USA, $169.00,
Collared Shirt, Modus Man, $115.00,
White T-Shirt, D. Brand, $59.00,
Jeans, Kenneth Cole, $89.00,
Shoes, Kenneth Cole, $158.00,
Ring, Emporio Armani, $85.00,

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