It's (Almost) Summer, Right?

It's (Almost) Summer, Right?

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I have always been one who loved to travel. Seeing new places, experiencing and soaking in new cultures, trying new food, among everything else that is gifted with the experience of a quick getaway. What is better than having a vacation spot less than an hour (by car) away from your home? I say “nothing could be better.” Montauk stands as Long Islands very own getaway within itself. You can find me soaking up the sun and bathing in the Hamptons culture; strolling along the sidewalks of an abundance of trendy shops.

With that in mind, choosing an outfit can be a little difficult this time of year considering the change between seasons. Despite the weather change, for brunch in the park, I chose a Kenneth Cole suit accompanied with Doc Martens which is the perfect way to mix casual/formal highs and lows.

Exploring in Montauk? Dress it down. After deciding the hike in the woods, along the bulkheads of the beach, and even alongside the water docks, I chose an Andrew Marc leather jacket coupled with an Andrew Marc patterned shirt and casual denim jeans.

There’s nothing that can make choosing an outfit more difficult than mother nature. When the afternoons of 70 degrees transition to nights of lower 40’s, be sure to pack along a coat of some sort. Yes, even though we all get Spring Fever between season changes. It’s almost Summer, and soon enough, the weather won’t be of worry, right?

Photography By Jacqueline Iannacone

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