How cool is this? Samaray Innovation
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How cool is this? Samaray Innovation

How cool is this? Samaray Innovation

You have to remember way back when, when everyone would run to their local 7-11 stores to grab the hottest Nokia on the market for a dead smack in your face solid price of $19.99. It was incredibly affordable and easy to purchase a new cell phone when you became sick of your first one. Less than a decade later, iPhone, Android and Samsung smartphones were introduced and it didn’t take long for smartphone accessories to become available shortly thereafter. Till’ this day, an individual is judged based on the outer shell of their fashion-forward iPhone. Want to get a step ahead? Dress up the earphones that are plugged into your iPhone, Android or Samsung: Introducing Samaray – the ultimate headphone cover.
Samaray’s innovative protection to your earphone cord combines simple and colorful design with outstanding quality and durability – covered in silicone (available in 7 colors) protecting them from moisture, dirt, and everyday wear and tear.

After speaking with their United States representative at Galore Groupe NYC, I learned that Samaray’s “unwavering appreciation for design motivates them to develop innovative and functional products that take the user experience to another level.”

Let’s face it: You’ll not only be the hottest trotter in your trendy brights, but you’ll have the ultimate protection for one of your most valued assets, your music. So yeah, when your friends continue to covet the color of their phone case instead of moving on to the next innovative design and consistently comment on your knowledge of trends before they hit the market hard, thank me 🙂


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