Dark Spring
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Dark Spring

Dark Spring

Spring is a time when we can feel dark and stormy once in a while (or all at once), but there is a sleek and fun way to do it! These rich deep colors feel so right mixed with all the nice little bright pops Spring is sure to bring. Fit to suit a day at the beach, school or a party, these fun looks are ready to take me seamlessly from morning to night. I love the high fashion edginess combined with the whimsical prints and accents that make dark spring pieces my go-to for this transition period.

Photography by Joanna O’Shea


1. Coat, Anvegloas, Price Available Upon Request, The Hive Showroom, 212-644-5077
2. Bomber, D. Brand, $199.00, dbrandus.com
3. Collared Shirt, Perry Ellis, $65.00, perryellis.com
4. T-Shirt, D. Brand, $49.00, dbrandus.com
5. Woven Shirt, Aeropostale, $16.00, Aeropostale Stores, Aeropostale.com
6. Canvas Shoes, TOMS, $69.00, TOMS.com
7. DB Denim, D. Brand, $149.00, dbrandus.com
8. Printed Shorts, Perry Ellis, $54.50, perryellis.com
9. Black Denim Shoes, TOMS, $98.00, TOMS.com
10. (A) Sunglasses, TOMS, $175.00, TOMS.com (B) Sunglasses, TOMS, $179.00, TOMS.com
11. Watch, Q & Q, $40.00, store.smile-qq.com (B) Watch, Q & Q, $40.00, store.smile-qq.com

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