Packed Weekend
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Packed Weekend

Packed Weekend

Packing can be of pleasure or horror – glass half empty or half full, or in this case, suitcase half empty or half full?

I’ll leak a cool trick of mine: When you travel for the weekend (or for any short period of time for that matter) go ahead and choose a designer that you think would be most appropriate for your scheduled weekend events.

Then, if you have enough styles from that one designer, pack your entire 3-4 outfits (head-to-toe, might I add) curated from their collections. Not only will your outfits coordinate effortlessly, your looks will go from drab to fab in just a few minutes by taking looks from the runway and juxtaposing them with current to older items from their collections – it’s 99% guaranteed that your style will come across as well put together.

In the last couple of months, I’ve had the pleasure of learning about an edgy Swedish brand, D. Brand. D.Brand started underlying a philosophy to act as an alternative to overpriced designer jeans. When D.Brand comes to mind, think three key elements: exclusivity, denim, and affordability. Then, shop away!

I must admit, this packing tactic has become second nature to me. Enjoy these weekend looks – a 100% D. Brand sensation. Hey, because I love you all, I’ve partnered with D.Brand to give you an exclusive coupon code (Tanner20) for 20% off your entire purchase. Thank me later

Watch their Spring/Summer 2014 commercial:

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