Cover time, Can’t touch this!
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Cover time, Can’t touch this!

Cover time, Can’t touch this!

Summer is here! Or, almost here. So, now that your apparel and accessory shopping is in full swing, it’s time to double check to assure you have all your accessory necessities. One accessory we oddly often forget about is for our life line, our baby, ‘our everything’- our iPhone. After all, we operate most of our lives (shopping, snapping images, and sharing events with friends) on our iPhones – so why not protect it in style? Whether you plan to hit the beach daily, volunteer at a local Relay for Life Event, head over to a family barbecue, or travel the world, your iPhone is one of the most relied on items in your life to capture the moment, and share them instantly on your social media platforms. When you raise your iPhone to catch the 7:30 pm local sunset, or capture the Eiffel Tower during your trip to France, or even that little daisy popping up from the concrete, do it in style with an iPhone case that represents you best. In this day and age, we spend 99% percent of our day with our smartphones, so I never have a problem splurging on a good quality iPhone accessory, because there’s a beneficial return on investment, safety for your tech device, and conversation-starting style. As always, I’m excited to share with you a finely curated selection of iPhone cases that will do the speaking for you. Now you can take a selfie! 

1. iPhone Case, Adopted, $180.00,

2. iPhone Case, Adopted $165.00,

3. iPhone Case, Asos, $15.24,

4. iPhone Case, Asos, $22.86,

5. iPhone Case, Jack Spade, $40.00,

6. iPhone Case, Target, $19.99,

7. iPhone Case, Boohoo, $12.00,

8. iPhone Case, Ted Baker, $40.00, Nordstrom Untitled-1

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