A Face to the Name: Tour Dates

A Face to the Name: Tour Dates

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It’s always nice to put a face to the many names [of fans] I see day-to-day behind social media platforms – whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. To help me do so, new for 2014, I am excited to announce I will be on tour with The CreaTour and RealityDance Jam Tour (and a select few other locations) – a leading set of events connecting fans with cyber based celebrities. I, alongside many other talents, will have an entire two days per location to see your beautiful faces!

July 2nd – StyleHaul: Westlake Village, CA
July 3rd – Hollister House: Santa Monica, CA
July 11th – 12th – CreaTour: Austin, TX
July 18th – 19th – CreaTour: Portland, OR (Rescheduled TBA)
July 25th – 27th – CreaTour: Orlando, FL
August 1st – 2nd – RealityDance Jam Tour: Newark, NJ
August 16th – BeautyCon: Los Angeles, CA
September 20th – 21st – RealityDance Jam Tour: Long Island, NY
September 27th – 28th – RealityDance Jam Tour: Nashville, TN
October 4th – 5th – Reality Dance Jam Tour: Norfolk, VA
October 13th-14th – RealityDance Jam Tour: Boston, MA

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